The main functional parts of all devices are identical.


Instrument 1.01

The insemination instrument consists of a base supporting the hooks and syringe holders and a queen holder. It is a specially designed manipulator which facilitates the collection and insertion of semen into the vaginal orifice of the queen. The instrument 1.01 has no feet. With pressuregrip.

Semen is collected in the syringe, of which the assembly is shown under the picture. The parts of the instrument which have contact with the semen and saline solution must be sterilized to avoid problems with contamination. A house-hold pressure cooker is useful to sterilize the instrument parts.

No. 1.01  Insemination-instrument


The function of the SCHLEY-syringe is shown in the follwing figure. Up to 5 sperm-portions per 8 µl (cubic millimeter) in the glass-tip (1 portion = 10 mm in the glass-tip). A larger capacity has the HARBO-syringe.


Insemination-SCHLEY-syringe with exchangeable flasks and cylinders

1 – glass-tip, 2 – sleeve, 3 – squeeze-sealing,
4 – syringe-casing Ø 8mm, 5 – syringe-cylinder, 6 – flask,
7 – winding-spindle, 8 – screw-cap, 9 – control-knob


Transparent-box for small items


Box for the insemination-instruments



Instrument 1.02  (The operation of the model are the same)

No.  1.02 Insemination-instrument with  pressuregrip

Instrument 1.03  (The operation of the model are the same)

The equipment is a combination of instrument of 1.01 and a high quality zoom-microscope 2.00 (see chapter „stereomicroscopes“, model 2.00). Both are bolted together, as an example, with a different microscope.
With pressure grip forceps. Regular with SCHLEY-syringe ( double-syringeholder by request for HARBO-syringe).  With box for the instrument.

No.  1.03  Insemination-instrument with microscope 2.00 (with pressuregrip)

Only instrument with microscope, without lighting and anesthesia.


Complete equipment 1.04 (The operation are the same)

The economical Schley Complete Model 1.04 insemination device provides an alternative option. This equipment offered as a complete package, including the microscope, LED-light, CO2 source and power supply. Everything is ready and set up for immediate use. With pressure grip forceps. It is also very portable.

No. 1.04  Complete-equipment (with box for the insemination-instrument)

The special microscope with stand 250 x 250 mm has a wide depth of field,  and has high-quality optics of the new MOTIC stereo microscope. The design is light weight, very economical, and self contained, including the power supply.

The ball and socket movement of the hook assembly blocks and the rack-and-pinion drive for the syringe are identical to those of previous models. These components continue to guarantee precision and a high standard of quality.

To provide carbon dioxide to anesthize the queen during the procedure, disposable one-way-cartridges containing 16g are used. In addition, the option of using larger pressurized cylinders and a corresponding pressure regulator is possible.

A white diode light provides direct illumination with a diameter of approximately 20 mm. The transformer has a input range of 110-220 V, thus offering a very portable system. The holders for the carbon dioxide supply and the LED light are magnetically attached to the instrument, allowing fine adjustment.

The standard setup includes the SCHLEY-syringe, with the option of a major syringe design change after the HARBO-system. This syringe should be considered for the storage and shippment of semen.

The box for small items is identical to the instrument 1.02

This device is a complete and self contained unit. As a package, the insemination instrument, microscope, light and CO2 source are very economical and weight 7 kg.

Difference between instrument 1.01 (in front) and instrument 1.02

Brief summary:

1.01: Base plate is screwed on, ball blocks are made smaller and fixed with the columns. Simplified queen bee holder, includes dorsal hook, and reduced weight. Delivered as complete working equipment with optics, light, anaesthesia device, etc. (this instrument is also offered without additional items  in combination with the microscope 2.00 = no 1.03, see above). The complete unit 1.04 (respectively 1.041, 1.042) is suitable for hobby apiarists as well as for professional use. This also applies to 1.03. Shipping weight under 10 kg.
1.02: Base plate with feet and ball blocks plus queen bee holder in heavy duty design with additional adjustment options, including pressuregrip, and an increased total weight. Available as an individual unit with a case.

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