Schley –  Insemination-instrument

The insemination instrument consists of a base supporting the hooks and syringe holders and a queen holder. It is a specially designed manipulator which facilitates the collection and insertion of semen into the vaginal orifice of the queen (with pressuregrip or dorsal perforated hook). The instrument 1.01 has no feet. The low height has advantages under the microscope.

Semen is collected in the syringe, of which the assembly is shown under the picture. The parts of the instrument which have contact with the semen and saline solution must be sterilized to avoid problems with contamination. A house-hold pressure cooker is useful to sterilize the instrument parts.

Schley – Insemination-instrument 1.01

The function of the Standard –  SCHLEY-syringe is shown in the follwing photo. Up to 5 sperm-portions per 8 µl (cubic millimeter) in the glass-tip (1 portion = 10 mm in the glass-tip).

Spritze_Foto 2

Standard: Insemination-SCHLEY-syringe with exchangeable flasks and cylinders

1 – glass-tip, 2 – sleeve, 3 – squeeze-sealing,
4 – syringe-casing Ø 8mm, 5 – syringe-cylinder, 6 – flask,
7 – winding-spindle, 8 – screw-cap, 9 – control-knob



A larger capacity has the my HARBO-syringeMore information.


Transparent-box for small items

Box for the insemination-instrument


The old Instrument

No.  1.02 Insemination-instrument with  pressuregrip


Complete equipment

The Schley Complete Model insemination device provides an alternative option. This equipment offered as a complete package, including the microscope, LED-light, CO2 source and power supply. Everything is ready and set up for immediate use  (with pressure grip forceps or dorsal perforated hook). It is also very portable.

Kompl 2
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Complete-equipment with instrument (and box for the insemination-instrument)

The special microscope with stand 220 x 250 mm has a wide depth of field,  and has high-quality optics of the new EUROMEX – stereo microscope 10x / 30x.  For the optics different models come into consideration.

The ball and socket movement of the hook assembly blocks and the rack-and-pinion drive for the syringe are identical to those of previous models. These components continue to guarantee precision and a high standard of quality.

To provide carbon dioxide to anesthize the queen during the procedure, disposable one-way-cartridges containing 16g are used. In addition, the option of using larger pressurized cylinders and a corresponding pressure regulator is possible.

A  additional diode light provides direct illumination (3000 Kelvin) with a diameter of approximately 20 mm. The transformer has a input range of 110-220 V, thus offering a very portable system. The special holders for the carbon dioxide adapter and the LED light are magnetically attached to the instrument, allowing fine adjustment.

The standard setup includes the SCHLEY-syringe, with the option of a major syringe design change after the HARBO-system. This syringe should be considered for the storage and shippment of semen.

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