Carbon dioxide (CO2) is used to anesthetize the queen during the insemination procedure. A 16 gram carbon dioxide cartridge or pressure bottle is handy. The basic equipment includes a micro-adjustmentor with a CO2 flow rate adapter (see additional information with pictures). Tanks of carbon dioxide and gas regulators may also be obtained from welding supply and beverage companies.

The carbon dioxide treatment is a very important factor to stimulate egg laying. Two treatments are necessary to initiate egg laying, one during the procedure and a second given one day before or one day after the insemination. A second treatment of only 3 to 5 minutes is sufficient. Care should be taken to avoid longer exposures as this can decrease the life expectancy of queens. A transparent plastic bag filled with carbon dioxide is useful to treat several queens at a time in their transport boxes.

Equipment for anesthesia with CO2-adapter

CO2 flow rate adapter

CO2 adapter

(Now with magnetic holder and complete with silicone hoses)

The CO2 flow rate adapter contains 2 balls for adjustment. For a low and even CO2 flow rate, release as much gas through the cylinder as necessary until both balls rise up to the top (3). Then reduce the flow of gas so that the blue ball falls and the green ball stays at the top (4). With the balls in this position the correct amount of CO2 is delivered. In additional this creates a pressure valve.
Before using, please test this device with a glass of water. If the balls stick together, vibrate the adapter to loosen these. The cylinder must be very clean, high humidity or oil reisdue may cause the balls to stick. This can be checked under the microscope.



This measuring instrument is an interesting alternative. The controller 0-3 LPM can be read directly. The queen’s anesthetic requires 0,5-1 liters of CO2 per minute.



Flowmeter with Control Valve for Air CO2 Gas

(With magnetic holder and complete with silicone hoses)

For big  CO2-bottles

Pressure-relief  with fineadjustment for big CO2-bottle (2 kg CO2)

Thread 21,80 x 1/14″ W,  Standard DIN 477/6

(The threads must fit together).


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